We are located
in Martin Road Park,
by the E Lewiston entrance,
in Ferndale, Michigan.

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GNG Community Garden

Tomatos, trained to climb along string suspended from trellis

The Learning Center


Included here are articles and photos describing member projects. So far, these include the following two articles:

Garden Trellis Supports
How to a construct a metal trellis for growing tomatos vertically. The tomatos are trained to climb up strings suspended from the trellis top.

Link: tomato trellis design

Winter Ground Cover
Preparing a plot for winter - growing ground cover to improve the soil. In this example, the ground cover consisted of hairy vetch and winter rye.

Link: winter ground cover

Useful Links

Additionally, below are some helpful links to external sites and documents. Here is what we have so far:

PDF document: "Tomato diseases and disorders"
Iowa State Extension Service has a great collection of diagnostic photos for tomato growers. If your tomatoes have trouble, view their document to see if your problem's shown there.

Watering Wisely - this is a set of great tips and ideas provided by the "Garden Resource Collaborative", in a handout from their "Watering Wisely" class.

About bees - this article, Our Polinators are in Peril , explains the basics of bees, pollination, and how home gardeners can help.